December 27, 2009

December 24, 2009

Mars Argo

The shirt I did for Mars Argo is up for sale at District Lines. If you haven't heard their new album yet you can listen to it here.

December 22, 2009

Art Center Grad Show

It took me a while to get these photos up. I graduated from Art Center about a week ago and I've been busy cleaning, resting and catching up with friends.

this is a picture of me next to my wall at the grad show. I made a video installation to go on top of my astronaut sculpture and on top of some found boom boxes so they look like they are coming to life. All the white on the astronaut is a light projection, he is painted all black.

Almost my whole family came up to the school to see all the grad's work.

Me and one of my favorite people, Jeni Yang. Jeni was gracious enough to take all these pictures for me while I tried to manage my family.

here's a view of the astronaut's back with T, Jeff, and Desi off to the right there.

Some friends next to my wall.

My Roomies Sara, and Patrick with Paul and Mary!

here's my mom and my friend Desi looking at one of my house sculptures in the gallery.

December 16, 2009