August 4, 2008

book design.

I'm designing a book for it and its filled with artwork that I have been pushing out over the term thats dealing with the sex trade and exploitation of women and children. It's pretty heavy stuff and i picked the subject because I've been so involved in making those posters for the U.N. lately and the sex slave issue seems to be one of the saddest issues...there is also a ton of resources on the subect that'll really make you sick. Anyhow, at least the artwork was fun to produce. here are some of the spreads in progress... there are gonna be about 20 pages when im done...
*these are two page spreads...the blue lines are where the book gutter will be

August 2, 2008

Almost there...

the term is finally winding down...and it looks like i'll have some freelance jobs to keep me busy over the break which is really good because im kinda broke right now. Anyway, here are the final three posters that have been selected to go to the United Nations 60th Anniversary Convention.