July 10, 2008

gimme some 'mo

Finally, a finished printed skateboard deck...and plus
more stuff you may or may not have seen before

This is another anti child prostitution poster im working on right now...so far i've gotten some really good feedback but i still need to rework the shadow of the little girl and maybe add some type.

here are two paintings i just finished tonight...its pretty fun to connect pieces with simple color pallettes...I think it makes work look a lot more unified and more sophisticated in general.

here's my scholarship wall from monday...it took a lot of time to hang that big painting that high. I hope they give me some money to make it worth my time and back pains.

July 9, 2008

mountain person

watching Men in Black...drawing a little bit

July 5, 2008


Really busy lately...lots of projects coming down the pipe...almost finished that painting from the last post...finishing up all my stuff for the show on monday...here's a piece i did a little while back i just went back and gave it the little bit of attention it needed

July 2, 2008

painting in progress

...not sure where this is gonna end up but it's been fun so far.