June 27, 2008


heres a comp for a piece of a new painting I should be starting on this weekend....i just think this guys cute.

selling out.

Prints now available! e-mail me to purchase.

Sex monster Silk Screen- $15

Lost child Aquatint-$25
four girls and two monsters - $20

June 26, 2008

Some of the comps for posters and installations my group and I have done for the UN conference in July. I think most of our work is really strong and i think that we have a really good chance and being selected to produce a lot of the posters for the conference. Sweet!

June 24, 2008

homework from tonight

Here's my plan for a silk screen i should be making tomorrow in class...if i can get the transparencies printed tomorrow morning...booya!

I've been trying to work intuitively lately but trying to keep a theme in the back of my mind...since I've been doing so much work with human trafficking and child prostitution lately anyway i decided to try to have that be the theme of this piece. Its pretty fun though, I can make these ones much more abstract than the human rights posters that should read to a casual passerby instantly.

Plus ++++
For another project i had to design a skate board deck and get it produced...I just sent in the artwork today and i should be getting the board back in about 3 weeks hopefully....but here is a preview of the design. I'll take pictures of the deck when it comes.

Lots of updates coming soon....scout's honor

This term has been so busy...I've barely had a chance to breath. Gonna try to put more stuff up soon from what I've been doing. Plus, I'm trying to put together a portfolio site...it doesn't really impress potential employers to have them look at your work on a blog. anyway...

here are some of the posters I've been doing for the Human Rights Convention in Paris, they still need some revisions but I'll post them anyway... We have to present all of our ideas this week via video conference... Good morning The Future, im very pleased to make your acquaintance...

this poster is against human trafficking and child prostitution...I wanted to show how despicable and dangerous the business is.

this next poster is to illustrate everyones right to clean water and how important it is that nations that have the power to help poorer nations that are suffering from famine and draught step in to help.