April 16, 2008

Storyboarding for motion

I had to do four different ideas for time travel storyboards today. I put them in order of best to worst... I dont really know what the last one has to do with time travel other than it has Tupac and Jam Master Jay...shrug.

April 15, 2008

Storyboarding For motion

This is a work in progress screen shot of one of my styleboards i have to do for storyboarding for motion... I have to do 3 of these puppies each going off the idea of time travel...In this one the kid is pretending he can time travel.

I've realised that in that class i have been doing mostly collage so in these last few styleboards i do I'm really gonna try to push my illustration in them... granted all to the green stuff is collaged in...get over it

April 4, 2008

Work in progress

Heres a work in progress photo of my final piece for one of my classes. The assignment was to do a large scale painting...Mine is 40"x 40". Totally the biggest piece I've ever made...It has been pretty fun but really stressful.

April 1, 2008


i posted this painting before, but, it was a crappy photo that was really distorted.